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December 12th, 2012, 11:30 pm

Fanart Contest

Alright, lets do this!

I wasn't going to post for this until January, since December is a busy month, but I think instead I'll put it up here now so if anyone wants to get a head start on it they can. And I'll just have a longer deadline for it~!

The Contest:

As the title says, this is a fanart contest!
Specifically for my two webcomics:
Chester and Ferdie and Jackie's Story

So, the rules? Just make some fanart of any kind of either one of the webcomics! That's it!


But just to clarify some things:

|| The art can be in any media you'd like.
(Drawing, Animation, Cosplay, Fanfiction, food.. puppets.. seriously! Whatever you'd like! I'll take anything and everything)
|| The art has to be either for CaF or Jackie's. It can even be both! You can add your own characters/do crossovers if you'd like.
|| You can submit fanart you've previously made if you'd like
|| Multiple entries are allowed. But you can only win once.
|| No porn/sex related material please!
|| The entries by no means have to be true in terms of the story (If you want to kill off my characters for some drama, you have my blessings heeheh!)


Right, now to the good part...

The Prizes!

Yes! The rewards you can acquire for feeding my love that is seeing others make art of my characters eheeheh! Well, first let me tell you that there can be seven winners total!

One overall winner for Jackie's Story related entries, One overall winner for Chester and Ferdie related entries, and five category winners!

The categories are like mini bonus prizes for those who entered and I thought, although may not have won for best overall, was still an exceptional entry and especially for a certain category!

The categories are:
|| Best Humor
|| Most In Character
|| Most Dramatic
|| Most Adorable
|| Most Artistic/Creative

Right, right, the prizes! Now.. I gotta confess.. I'm still a bit finicky about what to offer for prizes at the moment. What I have right now is what I know for certain I can offer for prizes. But I might be updated and adding onto this list as the time passes! For now...

The prizes for best overall for Jackie's Story:
|| Jackie's Story Book Part 1-3
|| CaF and Jackie postcards
|| Commission value of $20
|| Jackie Gang/CaF stickers
|| A hand written thank you letter

The prize for best overall for Chester and Ferdie:
|| Mini Adventure Story Idea of your Choosing*
|| CaF and Jackie postcards
|| Commission value of $20
|| Jackie Gang/CaF stickers
|| A hand written thank you letter

*Within reason!

Prize for each Category Winners:
|| Full Body Character(s) Comish
|| Jackie Gang/CaF stickers*
|| A hand written thank you letter*

*For U.S. residents only. Otherwise I'll type up a fancy digital thank you letter!

However, I'm willing to try international shipping for the overall prize winners! But, if you win overall and would rather not have anything shipped to you - you can opt for an additional $20 digital commission value instead.


Like I said though, this is only the stuff I knooow for a fact I can offer! I will for sure be adding more stuff to these prize list as time goes on.


To send in your entries:
-You can post a link to your entry on this news posts
-Send me a PM here on smackjeeves
-Or you can e-mail them to me at

THE DEADLINE: February 24th

Pleaase ask any questions you have! And thanks for reading and even being interested in this contest idea eheh! ;w;


catshy, December 13th, 2012, 7:05 pm

Owo Sounds like fun, ill try to enter lol if my teachers dont snatch my pencils and paper XDD

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