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November 15th, 2013, 5:26 pm

Chester and Ferdie Hiatus

Alright, so the time has come for CaF's hiatus. Since I literally have no more CaF related stories prepared and ready to share with you. I've been hoping more would just COME to me but... I think I wrote out the storyline for this last one like.. at least 5 months ago? If not longer so UHM..

I think I'm just spent. It's time for these guys to take a little rest. I've still got lots of other silly ideas, but when I try to flesh them out I just can't figure out a good way to go about it.

It's probably just time for a break though, I mean, the original story I had planned out for CaF has been finished since Jan 2012. Everything else has just been silly short story ideas and alternative universes, because simply calling a story just.. FINISHED is too hard for me. I love these characters too much to just leave them behind.

Even now I'm not even going to stay it's done and over with forever! 'Cause I DO still want to get back to it, at least one more time. At LEAST one more story in which the original Chester and Ferdie finally make it back to the zoo. Since I feel like that's something that needs closure. (I'm just finding a hard time coming up with an ending for that scenario still)

Gonna cross my fingers and hope a break is what I need! This is possibly going to be a long break though I mean, it's been 5 months and no inspiration for more stories. But maybe the fact I'm not working on it at all will help too!?

I dunno! The few of you who still like CaF and want more stories in the future, feel free to share with me any ideas and scenarios you'd like to see happen for them. One of them might just inspire me to get another story made for them! (No promises, but it for sure won't hurt!)

In the meantime I'm going to just be focusing on the other webcomic I post up on here, Jackie's Story, and finishing up other little side projects.

I'm considering starting up a new little comic series on the side, since I like have the mix of classic comic pages being made alongside working on flash comic so I don't get rusty with one or the other. (Just need to polish up the story notes for it)


Chester and Ferdie comic is taking a break! Thanks so much for reading!!!

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