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Ferdie: A little bat, who's pretty shy and timid. He can be courageous when the time calls for it. He's had a pretty sheltered life until the day he fell into Chester's cage...

Chester: A Spanish lynx who resides in a local zoo. He loves to party, and loves getting his way. However, if it isn't a pair of lovely female stray felines, Chester likes his space and solitude.

Ferdie's Mama: She can be a little naggy at times- but she just wants the best for her little baby boy. She likes to wear a pink bow on her head, which is pretty unusual for animals. Why she wears it? Who knows! Maybe there's some special reason behind it... or maybe she just likes to think it makes her feel pretty?

Big Bad Bird: He's big, he's bad, and he's.. a bird...

Brenley: A big grumpy bear who's Chester's neighbor at the zoo. (Which is probably why he's so grumpy) Brenley hates the wild parties Chester throws- and because of those parties, it's hard for him to get any decent sleep at night. Thus, usually resulting in arguments with Chester from time to time.

Jira: Chester's adoptive mom, if you could call her that. She took care of and looked after Chester from the first day he was brought and raised in the zoo.

Kamie: A female lynx that lives in the forest. She's probably the reason Chester was released into the wild! She doesn't like Chester at all though, so much for that idea!

The Poacher: Hunting for endangered species in a protected wild life reserve, this guy is just asking for trouble!

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